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Eksod Marketing Services Pvt Ltd is a leading marketing services, Advanced Real Estate Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency in Coimbatore, India
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World is a global village that is powered by business and commerce, without which the whole world will be dull and boring.


“I have not failed, I have found 10000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison


The whole world runs on this trial and error theory. In life, to sell a right product to right person at a right price is a big puzzle. Marketing is a magical term that can work wonders with this puzzle. Marketing can be a rough sea for new sailors and an ocean of opportunity for the seasoned professionals. Eksod Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. has been conceived and created with this in mind. With more than 12 years of experience in advertising, corporate communication, video making, branding, designing, campaigning, analysis, media management and sales we have conceived a success mantra in marketing services called ‘Eksod Marketing services’.


Business isn’t just an exchange of products and services for money. It’s a journey that holds many wonders before and after the sale of products and services. There are millions of products that a potential consumer can choose from, but to make him buy a specific product or service is a science. Offering a product to consumer is easy but to offer the right product at right price with right service is an art to be mastered. We have balanced this science and art with great care and success.

The Eye catchers

Gaining the attention of prospects is the most daunting task of any campaign. Analyzing the target group’s psychology’s vital. This combined with visually appealing layouts and concepts will bring in desires results.

Market Ready

Today’s world is a buyers market, people are flooded with new ideas and millions of products as per their wish. Adapting to this ever changing market scenario will win over hearts.

Novelty creators

People are attracted to unique and crazy ideas. Being distinct from the crowd is always an added advantage over the competitor. Our designs and ideas are novel and jaw dropping.




AREMA – Advanced Real Estate Marketing Agency


A house becomes a home when we are happy. Real estate industry has been there for ages. But the modern real estate industry has evolved into a multi billion-dollar industry. Builders are getting more ambitious, buildings are getting novel and customers are demanding more. Customer require dedicated and sincere builders to cater to everyone’s requirements. Builders are up for the challenge and are providing excellent projects to satisfy everyone’s need. Builders sometime fail to highlight their pros to the customer because of their multifaceted work nature. This can result in loss of business opportunities. This loss can be avoided by using marketing services that look after the finer details of the business process.


Marketing is a specialized field that many don’t go in-depth to utilize its full potential. Anyone can market a product but only professional can sell a product. Every project requires specialized marketing services with experience and market knowledge to make it a success.


AREMA (Advanced real estate marketing agency) is the brain child of Eksod marketing services that specializes in real estate industry and it builds a bridge between the builder and the customer. AREMA satisfies both the builder and the customer with its services. This bridge helps the builder to zero in on a project, evaluate its merits, find the right target audience, analysis the market, reach out to the audience, showcase the project USP’s, market it against the competitors, complete the sale and provide after sale services. Our AREMA team balances the views of the builder and the customer by creating a suitable environment for the smooth flow of business transactions and customer services. Satisfied customers and happy builders is what AREMA is all about… Know more >>


Ready To Elevate You

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Managing Director

Martin J

The crew head who is a connoisseur in the field of Marketing excellence. outshines in various field of marketing and contemplates on the organizational development and ensures client contentment by all means. A creative thinker, untainted marketer and a smart lead.


Avis Immanuel

An aficionado of creativity who spearheads the technical production. Technically sound and ingenious personality who can brand a null to notch. Born talent who is exceptionally innovative in all the works he does.

Manager - Sales


Sales is where the pulse is.He determines profit plans by implementing marketing strategies, analyzing trends and results. He creates the demand and fulfills the same in all facets of sales. Give him the product and come back later to accumulate the profits. Aggressive asset to Eksod. A hostile key who can unlock various doors to profit.



He basically plays the major role through a co-branding relationship. He strengthens the rapport and elevate business interactions. Crucial in driving the business forward and solving client’s need in ground-breakingways. He works with the intent of spreading that who we are and what we do in an effective way.


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We Perform for you

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done”– Nelson Mandela.

Skills are always born presets, Experience are the mandatory table of contents. We play with skills to mandate the table with experience. We are good at manifesting our inherent skills and show it off to the market. We mean to say that we are Master of all trades and jack of none with regard to marketing, branding and stuffs. We are committed to continually improving our processes and embracing emerging technologies that will enable our clients to find what they need in a competitive market

That’s our secret sauce — great people, who care about you

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Milestone is our long journey




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